Terms of use


(a)    The time of delivery dates from actual receipt by us of the customers written order to proceed. Dates for the delivery are given in good faith and as accurately as possible but are not guaranteed. We shall be under no liability whatsoever for any delay in performance of any order by reason or in consequence of force majeure or of any matter or thing outside our control including but not limited to labour troubles, civil commotion, natural catastrophe, government restriction, shortages of supplies or customers instructions or lack of instructions. We shall have the right to dispatch any portion of the goods ordered and we shall be entitled to invoice the customer for such dispatched portion so that for the purposes of payment each portion shall be deemed to be a separate contract and may be invoiced separately.
(b)    Where the buyer orders goods for delivery by instalments each delivery shall constitute a separate contract and the buyer shall not be entitled to refuse to take delivery of or refuse to pay for any instalment defective or otherwise.
(c)    Cancellation of orders cannot be accepted for goods made or in production.

2.    PRODUCTION TIME. - Delivery times given are the average for the period at the date of quotation. Current delivery time should however be checked when placing the order or approving proofs.

3.    TERMS - STRICTLY 30 DAYS NETT - Monthly by date shown on invoice. Our prices are quoted on the strict basis of compliance with our settlement terms.

4.    CREDIT TERMS - The right is reserved to take up references on new accounts. Part down-payment or other special financial arrangements may be required before manufacturing can start.

(a)    Prices are quoted nett ex-works. Carriage is charged at cost.
(b)    Export - All export expenses are charged at cost.
6.    COST VARIATION - Quotations are based on the current cost of goods and are subject to amendment on or after acceptance to meet any recognised variation in such cost. Any such variation will be communicated to the buyer, who will have the right to reconsider the contract and to reaffirm their acceptance within 48 hours. This applies particularly where the customer has asked for an urgent verbal outline estimate for budget purposes before a detailed quotation can be made.

7.    QUOTATIONS - Are valid for a period of 28 days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

8.    CLAIMS - Every endeavour is made to ensure correct execution of orders. Should there be reason for complaint, claims must be made in writing within THREE days of receipt of goods. For all claims, please quote full details entered on delivery note attached to goods.

9.    QUANTITY VARIATION - Orders made to customers specifications and bespoke orders bearing special imprints of all kinds are accepted subject to plus or minus 10% of the quantity ordered.

10.    CUSTOMER PROPERTY - Although every effort will be made to safeguard customers artwork etc, PR Print and Promotions will meet no claim for any damages arising directly or indirectly out of any default by them or any sub-contractor in respect of customers artwork, or any loss of or damage to such items whenever or wherever such default or loss or damage may be caused.

11.    TOOLS - Tools made for the manufacture of goods to be supplied to the buyer shall remain the property of the seller even though the buyer may have been charged with a sum in respect of the cost or part cost of such tools.

12.    INDEMNITY - When a buyer places an order for manufacture by us to a design supplied by the buyer it is clearly understood that the buyer will fully indemnify us against any action, claim, demand, cost, charges and expenses arising from or incurred by reason of any infringement or alleged infringement of any letters patent, registered design, trade mark or trade name and against all costs and damages which we may incur in any action for such infringement or for which we may become liable in any such action. Placing of such an order by the buyer will be taken to imply clear acceptance of this condition and of their responsibility in the matter. Notwithstanding the above, we reserve the right to call for a further indemnity in writing if deemed necessary before commencing work, The buyer on his part warrants that any design or instructions furnished or given by them shall not be such as will cause us to infringe any letters patent, registered design, copyright, trade mark or trade name in the performance of the contract.

13.    TRANSFER OF PROPERY - The property in all goods shall remain in the company until the purchaser, or third parties if goods have been sold on, has paid the full price as well as any other payments due to the company, or in the case of an export order unless or until the company has received payment in full.

14.    THE PLACING OF OFFICIAL ORDER - by the buyer shall be deemed acceptance of these conditions.

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